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a merry christmas from our nest to yours



a little style wrap up

This year there will be a lot of sweet tees under the tree.




1. This tee  basically awesome, and once you see the rest of the collection you will be shopping for yourself too.  Loved by Hannah and Eli

2.  Hello! Who doesn’t need a super comfy sweatshirt that is friendly too.  Hello Apparel

3. Je T’aime….yah that describes how we feel about this tee. Whistle and Flute

4. The little boy manifesto. Mini and Maximus

5. Ahhhh…we can’t even! Little Bow and Arrow

6. The essential play date tee. Prefresh


Chiropractic Care for Mom and Baby

A big thank you to our Bump Camp sponsor, Bearspaw Chiropractic and Massage. To find out more about Dr. Josline and the services she offers, check out our interview below.


1. What services does Bearspaw offer?

We offer Chiropractic, massage therapy, custom foot orthotics, and the Ideal Protein weight loss method. We have a special interest in pediatrics and pregnancy and are the team chiropractors and massage therapists to the Edmonton Eskimos Cheer Team.

2. Chiropractic care may not be the first thing that comes to mind for most pregnant women, in what areas can you assist pregnant moms to be?

Moms can get adjusted throughout their pregnancy. It’s completely safe, and even recommended. Studies show that pregnant women who get adjusted have shorter and less intense labor. Chiro also alleviates many pregnancy symptoms like back, hip and pelvic pain and heartburn. Chiro also prevents inutero-constraint (tight pelvic ligaments that can affect babies position and exit) which when present, can result in beech position. The Webster technique is used by Chiropractors to prevent inutero-constraint and/or assist in turning a breech baby in the late stages of pregnancy.

3. Do you offer postpartum services  for Mom and Baby?

Yes! We recommend that Mom have a chiropractic checkup within the first few weeks after delivery. This can help with any post postpartum pains and prevent upper back pain from feelings. Baby can also be checked! Birth can be stressful on baby’s spine and nervous system. If baby has any stress (spinal misalignment) this can be corrected with an extremely gentle adjustment,  ie. light pressure. Chiro also helps with certain conditions like colic, torticollis, and reflux.

Dr. Josline Hampson graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2003 and has been practicing in her hometown of Edmonton since 2005. She took over Bearspaw Chiropractic in September of 2007. Dr. Josline is proficient in a variety of techniques, including the Activator instrument, and has patients ranging in age from newborn through to the nineties. She also has a special interest and post-graduate training in pediatrics and pregnancy and is trained in the Webster Technique- a helpful technique for preventing and turning breech babies. Dr. Josline is an Edmonton Eskimo fan and has worked with the Edmonton Eskimo Cheer Team since 2006. She has her undergraduate degree in nutrition and educates her patients about a healthy lifestyle of nutrition, exercise, and regular chiropractic care. She is married to her husband Steve and they have two children, Jackson and Sofie.

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